CCI partners with a diverse range of companies to develop multi-channel customer experiences. Our approach is to present a comprehensive service offering that is solution focused. All the while reducing costs, increasing revenues, building enhanced loyalty and advocacy, and improving the customer experience.


Borwood deliver and manage global WAN infrastructures and provide universal communication solutions that deliver IP, Voice, Hosting and Cloud based services in over 200 destinations around the world.

Borwood first launched in the United Kingdom in 2003 and within its first year of business exceeded all expectations and boasted an expansion of over 200%. Riled by the poor level of service and advice being offered to customers in the market for telecommunications solutions, the founding members decided to team up with other leading experts in their respective fields to provision the best communications solutions globally.

Although Borwood has been servicing South Africa since 2004, it quickly became apparent that an expanded operation was required, and in 2008 Borwood opened and nationalised in South Africa, and then in Australia in 2012. Today they have operations in all key regions globally and can service EMEA, Asia-Pac, and the US from their global HQ in Mauritius.

They have built on their international reputation for best practice, reliability, scalability and competence through never failing to deliver on promise. Having 20 years Carrier & ISP experience has stood Borwood well in being recognised as key players by all Tier-1 providers and carriers who hold them in 'peer' status across the globe. Borwood has designed the most advanced networking system and provides the world's first Tier-0 level connectivity solutions to all of its customers. Renowned specialists at selecting the optimum path for communications over all available terrestrial and submarine cable systems globally, Borwood's philosophy is simple - build a team of highly skilled individuals who specialise in IT communications and back them with a faultless reputation for premium service delivery.

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Call Insight is a specialist independent customer insight, quality and compliance business partner.

They're experts in their field, with extensive experience in customer insight, quality monitoring, regulatory compliance and performance reporting. Call Insight provides a subjective commentary of insight in the 'voice of the customer'.

In 2015, they carried out 350,000+ multichannel assessments, and of these over 3,000 were tested by various clients independently; the variance on their monitoring was within 0.8%

They monitor all campaign types and contact channels, including correspondence and web chat. They have experience in providing quality solutions to some of the leading brands in the mobile technology, telecoms, retail, utility, and financial service sectors. Call Insight support businesses operating in the lead generation and debt management spaces, with clients based predominantly in UK, Australia and South Africa.


  • Call Insight delivers independent and transparent checks on the performance of all of their partners.
  • Experienced team of 190 people with the expertise to deliver the three main elements essential to reliable monitoring programmes - Accuracy. Volume. Distribution.
  • Most monitoring programmes deliver a (maximum) statistical reliability of 52%, Call Insight through their unique and complex monitoring model delivers 95%.
  • Class-leading reporting directs Team Managers to the precise part of the interactions where agent coaching is required.
  • Call Insight don't just understand compliance, they also expertly measure agent and customer behaviours, agent actions, voice of the customer and competitor activity.
  • Skilled at identifying issues that businesses didn't realise existed - in other words experts at identifying the things you didn't know you didn't know.
  • Brand advocacy, NAS/NPS/CSAT analysis - over 60% of these survey responses do not include customer commentary - Call Insight fills those gaps.


Faced with a shortage of skilled individuals, CCI envisioned an organisation dedicated to training individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds for BPO jobs and established Careerbox in 2013.

Careerbox took a two-pronged approach to address the talent availability issue:

  1. It identified ways to bring previously excluded groups into the workforce thus augmenting the talent pool, braking wage inflation, reducing attrition, and diversifying talent.
  2. Encouraging BPO's to collaborate, leading to long term and sustainable activities.

Careerbox is a skills development and recruitment company that recruits for the contact centre and outsourcing industries. In addition to 'traditional' recruitment activities, Careerbox has developed a unique skills development programme that takes largely unskilled and inexperienced young people and gives them the skills to wok in the international contact centre industry.

Careerbox works with local and national government, charitable foundations such as The Rockefeller Foundation and with employers such as CCI South Africa and Eskom to develop skills in the local communities with one key aim to create jobs.

Through Careerbox we are able to offer clients a blended recruitment approach, leveraging our knowledge of the customer service contact centre environment to attract the right talent.



LivePerson is the market leader in intelligent online engagement, helping companies make meaningful connections with their customers. Their intelligent real-time platform combines a sophisticated behavioural targeting engine that delivers significant value to companies by increasing conversion rates and customer satisfaction.

As people today continue to rely more on mobiles devices, social networking sites and their own websites, LivePerson's goal is to use behavioural intelligence and data capabilities to provide more products for companies to connect with and use to analyse its customers.

More than 8,500 companies, including Aviva, Barclaycard, First Direct, HSBC, MORE TH>N, O2, RBS, Sky, Ted Baker and T-Mobile, use LivePerson to increase online sales, increase return from marketing investment, reduce the cost of customer service, and improve customer experience.



Noble Systems is a global leader in the customer communications industry, delivering the most comprehensive and affordable solutions to help clients make the most of every customer contact and enhance the performance and management of your contact centres.

Noble Systems offers a unified suite of multi-channel inbound, outbound and blended contact processing, strategy planning, and resource management tools for companies of all sizes. Their CPE, CaaS and innovative premise/cloud hybrid platforms include ACD, predictive dialing, blended processing, recording and monitoring, IVR, messaging, interaction analytics and workforce management.

Noble Systems' solutions allow companies to more effectively communicate with their customers via multiple channels, including inbound / outbound / blended voice, email, fax and web. Their solutions for contact centre management increase productivity, reduce operating costs, and improve the quality of each contact.

Noble Systems is committed to providing the highest value proposition, the most flexible and feature-rich product solution, and the greatest customer satisfaction.

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