Martin Roe, Group Chief Executive Officer, CCI Global

Martin Roe has more than 20 years' experience in the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry.

His experience spans the UK, United States, India, Egypt, and South Africa. Martin Roe has set up BPO contact centres all over the world for clients in the telecommunications, financial services, energy, gaming and technology sectors - negotiating more than $1.5 billion worth of BPO contracts to date.

Martin Roe's career began working for several international outsourcing businesses. Throughout his career he's developed a deep understanding of BPO from both a commercial and client perspective, having worked in just about every BPO role from operations to commercial and leadership.

Martin Roe - career history

After many years in international BPO, he worked for Vodafone as Head of Outsourcing and over a period of seven years, led the team that first outsourced, then offshored all of Vodafone UK's contact centre operations.

Prior to joining CCI Global in 2015, Martin was the Managing Director of CareerBox in South Africa, a skills development organisation that drives transformation in the BPO industry. It's a not for profit organisation that trains young unemployed people and places them in digital jobs. He was also the Managing Director of Six Fingers Consulting Limited, a start-up boutique management consultancy specialising in BPO.

Martin Roe has a strong track record in delivering:

  • Merger and acquisition/ commercial partnerships
  • Business development and bid management to the value of more than $1 billion
  • Contact centre set up and management
  • At home operations and set up
  • Executive recruitment and interim placements Strategy and proposition development
  • Government relations

After studying Politics at The Manchester Metropolitan University, Martin Roe began his career as a Graduate Trainees at GUS Home Shopping and as Account Manager at Experian and Ventura, before forging his successful path in BPO.

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