Our business brings together the people, processes and technologies necessary to promote collaboration and the use of best practices throughout our group. The CCI group of companies consists of cross-functional partners whose mission is to drive client solutions and related best practices in a cost-effective and efficient way by leveraging points of synergy.

Our difference is that we are an entity that combines interrelated skills, experience, and domain expertise together to promote and deliver technology through a consistent set of skills, standards, and best practices. It delivers repeatable, successful deployments in a way that is beneficial to our clients.

Each partner brings a specialised expertise, working together to develop and promote best practice in their area of responsibility for our clients. We have partnered with subject matter experts who can, if required, contribute individually or collectively to a client to deliver tangible business services and results. As such, we drive both cost reduction and improved performance in all areas of our focus. It could play an integral role in your shared services deployment.

Our hub of specialist partners serves as a central repository of knowledge and resources, which assists us in providing the very best there is for you, the client. We help companies achieve top and bottom-line improvements across all lines of business while reducing costs. Implementations go faster and success rates improve as best practice is refined for our clients. Improved efficiency, effectiveness and quality lead to a better bottom-line and as such we are a more strategic and competitive entity. These improvements also translate into increased customer satisfaction.

Our objective is to empower the clients we work with to become smarter and more agile through key alignments with the partners we have within our BPO hub.

Our solutions are designed to ensure we craft and deliver a solution of strategic value that not only meets your objectives, but constantly challenges to overachieve and deliver continuous business improvement.

As a group, each partner brings something important to the process and complements the client interaction. Our capability management improves focus and the value we deliver through knowledge and expertise.

We offer a comprehensive suite of services that are fully customisable and capable of fulfilling client requirements. A balanced measure across process, people, partnership, commercials and value add.



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We put our client's customer's experience at the core of our existence and create programmes and services to meet rising customer service expectations.

Through our group of companies, which encompasses customer experience and digital engagement hubs, we aim to be your strategic partner. We do this by ensuring the customer is front of mind in all strategic decision making, focusing on your most important objectives and determining how they overlap with what we can assist you with. By being part of your infrastructure we achieve more and obtain the best possible outcomes.




Over the last decade, Customer Retention and Up-sell/Cross-sell strategies have emerged as some of the most powerful and efficient strategies used by corporate decision makers. As such, Customer Lifecycle Management has become the new horizon upon which companies now prosper or fail. We're a specialist in this area. Via a network of industry-specific specialists based in Mauritius, South Africa, USA, the UK, and Australia, we actively assist organisations to develop, implement and manage their customer sales and retention strategies and then provide the expertise, technology and resources to execute those strategies. We provide Customer Relationship Management services to some of the leading brands in the mobile technology, utilities, telecommunications, leisure, retail, and financial services sectors - servicing customers across the UK and Australia.


We recognised some time ago that the BPO industry is in a time of transition with our continued success dependent on how well we integrate the latest technologies with the right people skills to delight customers.

We know the challenges you face, with the need to sell, market, operate and scale in an increasingly digital economy. We enhance, interact and connect your brand with customers in social media channels.

With multi channel touch points now greatly complicating the end-to-end customer journey, we recognise the significant importance of a seamless digital customer experience. And as such we have contact centre platforms that enable omni-channel communications that ensure your customers receive a consistent, knowledgeable and tailored service across each and every channel.

In order to capitalise on the growing digital customer base, a comprehensive set of capabilities and technologies must be implemented to help your customers engage, transact and fulfil their requirements. The key to having a successful digital engagement strategy is to increase internal collaboration and to ensure that agents are aligned across all digital touch-points.

We can help by:

Put an end to customer frustration

  • Respond to service requests immediately
  • Reduce wait times from enquiry to resolution
  • Resolve 70% of service issues at first contact

Reduce contact centre costs

  • Deflect time-consuming inbound phone and email enquires to a more cost-effective type of engagement
  • Handle service requests at a lower cost per issue resolved
  • Significantly reduce cost per interaction
  • Streamline service operations
  • Optimise resource utilisation by increasing self-serve resolution and better-aligning service issues with engagement types

Maximise agent productivity

  • Match supply and demand to maximise the number of engagements and issues handled per labour hour
  • Multi-task by chatting with multiple customers at once
  • Reduce overhead of handling target call or email queues by 25%
  • Give customers choices
  • Make it easy for customers to request service in the way they prefer

We also ensure that our people are fully trained and have the knowledge required to give consumers what they want. Our people are empowered with the right technologies and have the ability to handle complex interactions, encourage new transactions, resolve issues quickly and win customer loyalty. Through a combination of great people and technology we offer a superior customer experience based on a personalised service delivery.


Too often contact centres have a small in-house quality assurance department, that normally only assesses a limited (not statistically valid) sample of work. That's where we're different. We believe so much in the accuracy of our delivery, that we have partnered with the best in the business. Call Insight is an expert in the QA field and conducts meticulous reviews on thousands of voice and non-voice interactions every week. They help our delivery centres to remain within rigorous regulatory boundaries, recognise and reward their best agents, target the correct training and coaching, improve overall agent performance and therefore improve the quality of customer interactions. In order to provide the best possible service for our partners, Call Insight (through a partnering arrangement) is granted unrestricted access to any and all areas of our delivery centres. Such oversight of our processes testifies to our unparalleled pursuit of excellence.


When it comes to reporting we like to be fully armed with the right information so that we can present our clients with meaningful insight. And to keep you as up to date as we are in all aspects of reporting on your business, we offer our clients a full reporting suite, giving the advantage of reporting in real-time as well as retrospectively. We serve as an incubator for innovation and process optimisation for your business. We go beyond typical operational and compliance reporting to gain deep insight into your business. And we do this through Test & Learn Labs and Innovation Stations that analyse and evaluate the insight and data derived from various sources.

We can assist you in product, pricing and marketing by presenting an insight-led fact base of where problems exist in your business, based on customer call demands. Using the end-to-end customer journey insights to accelerate change in your business. Our robust fact base enables you to understand why customers are calling, what skills are required of agents and for you to inform other parts of your business about what issues need resolving such as product and pricing simplification, marketing improvements or digital self service capabilities to be created.

Designing tailored customer journeys that deliver valued outcomes requires a deep level of customer understanding and insight. We help you compete by designing and owning a customer engagement process that delivers a meaningful, consistent and effective experience while using closed–loop feedback to understand customer insights and behaviours.


As specialists in inbound customer contact, we really understand the more complex customer issues whether product or technical to offer a single point of contact to your customers.

Our inbound delivery centres handle millions of enquiries, from inbound sales and retention calls to web chat and email interactions. The one constant is our readiness and commitment to provide each customer with an empathetic, personal experience. With a state-of-the-art delivery network and advanced data-management systems at our fingertips, it's easy to meet the requirements of every customer, on every call, every day.


Effective outbound calling is becoming a key strategy for building and retaining relationships with high-potential customers. Many companies have turned to outbound sales teams in the contact centre as a critical sales strategy for several reasons. Fewer customers are visiting end-point branches and retailers because of increased use of electronic delivery systems. Recent market segmentation research shows that many high-potential customers rarely visit these end-point branches and retailers.

When salespeople and managers proactively contact customers with the goal of helping them gain the most from their relationship, customers remain loyal and bring more of their business to the company. This kind of enduring customer relationship fosters customer retention and attainment of market-share goals.

Our goal is to improve levels of customer satisfaction, increase revenues and market share as well as reducing costs through innovation and optimisation. The result is the timely delivery of superior results for our clients through efficiency without compromising quality of service.


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